Public Notices may be added, updated, or removed without notice. Contact the County Clerk's office for more information. Moratoriums can be found here.

Voting Equipment Logic & Accuracy Testing

Logic and Accuracy Testing on the voting equipment to be used in the November 7, 2023 General Elections for the cities of Leesburg and Smithville will begin at 9:00 am on October 12, 2023. The testing will be held in the Elections and Registration Office and the Elections Storage Building located at 100 Starksville Avenue, North, Leesburg, Georgia. Representatives of political parties and bodies, news media, and the public shall be permitted to observe the testing. Testing will continue daily until completed. For further information contact the Elections and Registration Office at (229) 759-6002.

Lee County Comprehensive Plan Update - Community Survey

The Comprehensive Plan is Lee County's road map for the future. This official, living, county-wide plan is a public document that provides long range policy direction for land use, transportation, economic development, housing, public facilities, intergovernmental agreements, and natural resources. It serves as a guide for elected and public officials by providing the framework for evaluating development proposals. Included in the Comprehensive Plan are strategies for program funding for all county departments. The last complete update of the Comprehensive Plan was in 2019; this update will be completed in 2024 and will make the Comprehensive Plan responsive to Lee County's current project needs with a 20-year outlook.

Your confidential responses to this brief survey will help county and city planners identify the issues that need to be addressed during the update to this important policy document. There are a total of 38 questions. Please indicate your response from the multiple-choice options then use the open response options to elaborate on your opinions or share any other relevant information. Also, please use question 39 to provide your contact information for notifications, as indicated. This survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Lee County Comprehensive Plan Update - Community Survey

Georgia Mortgage Assistance Program

Georgia has received Homeowner Assistance Funds (HAF) from the U.S. Treasury through the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. The funds serve to provide relief to homeowners who suffered financial hardships due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Georgia Department of Community Affairs administers the funds through the Georgia Mortgage Assistance program. Assistance comes in the form of a Grant, up to $50,000 for eligible homeowners. For more information view the Georgia Mortgage Assistance Program flyer or visit the Georgia Mortgage Assistance website.

Utilities Authority Rate Change Notice

Effective July 1, 2023 the following utility rates and fees have increased. The base rate for residential and commercial water increased from $19 to $20. The base rate for residential and commercial sewer increased from $19 to $20. The access fee for water increased from $2400 to $2600. The access fee for sewer increased from $2600 to $2800. Meter fees increased according to size by $150 each. Please call the Utilities Authority at (229) 759-6056 if you have any questions about these rate changes.

2022 Consumer Confidence Reports

The Lee County Utilities Authority is proud of the fine drinking water it provides. The Consumer Confidence Annual Reports show the sources of our water, lists the results of our tests, and contains important information about our water and health. The Lee County Utilities Authority will notify you immediately if there is any reason for concern about our water. We are happy to show you how we have surpassed water quality standards. The Authority contracts with the Georgia Environment Protection Division (EPD), Drinking Water Program, for laboratory and related services consistent with the Authority's need to comply with the requirements of the National Drinking Water Regulations.

2022 Consumer Confidence Reports

GDOT Liberty Expressway Press Release

The speed limit will drop and outside shoulders will close on a portion of US 82/State Route (SR) 520/Liberty Expressway as a contractor prepares to begin construction to extend Westover Boulevard into Lee County.

The speed limit will be set at 45 miles per hour on the bypass from Nottingham Way to the flyover in the area where Ledo Road connects with Dawson Road. The right/outside shoulders also will close.

Drivers can expect to see trucks entering and exiting travel lanes. When complete, construction will provide motorists another way to reach Ledo Road, which should relieve congestion on Nottingham Way. Construction includes Albany's first roundabout near the commercial area of Albany Mall and two new bridges on US 82/state Route (SR) 520/Liberty Expressway. The project is expected to take two years to complete.

View the GDOT Press Release

Lee County Awarded Grant from ACCG

Lee County is one of 20 members to receive the ACCG GHBP Health Promotion & Wellbeing Grant based on its commitment to employee health and demonstrated collaboration with other community groups and organizations engaged in health promotion. The ACCG GHBP Health Promotion & Wellbeing Grants are awarded statewide to the members that undertake health and wellness initiatives to transform their living and working communities into healthier environments. The grants provide assistance in promoting worksite programs designed to enhance the health and wellness of county employees and family members.

Wellness programs have a reliable track record of improving employee health and quality of life while reducing medical claims and improving workplace morale. ACCG offers wellness services to all members through LGRMS, a not-for-profit agency operated jointly with the Georgia Municipal Association.

The Association County Commissioners of Georgia - Group Health Benefit Program is available to all ACCG members. Currently, 52 counties and authorities participate in the health plan, and all are eligible to apply for the Health Promotion & Wellbeing Grants on an annual basis. ACCG is pleased to support Georgia counties in this important endeavor.

Group Health Benefits Program Health Promotion & Wellbeing Grant Notice

Kinetic Fiber Provided by Windstream

A fast, more reliable internet connection with Kinetic Fiber is coming soon to Lee County! Windstream Kinetic Fiber internet will provide more bandwidth for today’s connected home, smoother streaming, faster uploads and downloads, and more speed and reliability. View the flyer below for more information and a preregistration QR code.

View the Windstream Kinetic Fiber Internet Flyer
View the Windstream Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) Flyer

Georgia Burn Notification Law Changes

Landowners are no longer required to notify the Georgia Forestry Commission of their intention to burn hand-piled vegetative matter. However, the legal responsibilities of those burning outdoor yard debris will be strengthened. For more information view the notice from the Georgia Forestry Commission or visit the Georgia Forestry Commission's website at

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